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The international expo was held for 178 days on a 418 ha. site at Guangyun Lake, in Xi'an, Chan-Ba Ecological Scenic District. Under the Exposition theme “Eternal peace & harmony between nature & mankind, nurturing the future earth – a city for nature, co-existing in peace”, the master plan uses a framework of two circles, two axes, and five groups to organize the vast site on both sides of the lake into the various zones, gardens, and circulation patterns necessary for the event.


The circles comprise the main exhibition zone and the smaller zone of support facilities, including administration and the Exhibition Village. The two axes refer to the main connecting structure of the landscape itself, while the five groups consist of the five primary “parks’ or exhibition zones. From this point much of the landscape is overlaid with a cubist pattern of gardens, paved spaces, water bodies, and circulation routes that unfold in unison with the exposition’s architecture.

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