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Tokyo Landscape Architects, Inc. (TLA) is a team of experts who through their experience, education, and worldview bring a keen understanding of the relationship between human beings and nature to the planning, design, and management of the outdoor environment.


Founded in 1968 by Haruto Kobayashi, TLA is one of the oldest and most accomplished present-day landscape architectural practices in Japan, maintaining a portfolio of over 5,400 domestic and international contracts carried out within the public and private sectors. 


Long before environmental sustainability became a household term the TLA team was bringing its appreciation of the value and the effect of natural elements and processes on the development of parks, gardens, and other open spaces. Today, we continue our mission, striving to create meaningful landscapes that respect these fundamental points while enhancing the beauty of our cities and rural areas for the service and enjoyment of people. 


In 2016 Shin Kobayashi assumed the role of CEO, leading the field of Japanese landscape architecture into a new direction as one promoting an eco-systematic and consensus building approach to landscape design.


Working within the vision of our clients and coupled with the input of local communities, institutions, residents, and other stakeholders, our continual goal is to advance a culture of the environment itself, one which keeps people in touch with the living world through the formation and care of human landscapes.


While local governments and private developers in numerous countries seek the creative ideas and experience we have for planning and designing our most vital open spaces, a cultural interest in traditional Japanese garden design has as well been growing in many parts of the world. With proficiency in this specialized craft, TLA also offers design services for traditional and contemporary gardens and landscapes.


Nevertheless, while recalling our own origins, we commit to continuously challenge ourselves to explore and engage in new disciplines of landscape architecture and to sustain this creative momentum by passing on our current knowledge and expertise to the next generation.

Shin Kobayashi and Tokyo Landscape Architects
Haruto Kobayashi and Tokyo Landscape Architects
A surprise visitor at Tokyo Landscape Architects
Tokyo Landscape Architects office
Haruto Kobayashi, founder of Tokyo Landscape Architects
Haruto Kobayashi
  • Member of International Federation of Landscape Architects 

  • Honorary Corresponding Member of The Landscape Institute (UK), Honorary Vice President 

  • Honorary Member of Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture

  • Qualified Park Administrator 

  • CIPP (Certified International Park Professional) 

  • Professional Engineer, Japan (Civil Engineering -Urban & Regional Planning) 

Shin Kobayashi, President of Tokyo Landscape Architects, Inc.
Shin Kobayashi
  • Instructor of Landscape Architecture, Nihon University

  • Member, City Planning Council, Chofu City, Japan

  • Director, Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture

  • Director, Consultants of Landscape Architecture, Japan

  • Director, World Urban Parks, Japan

  • Professional Engineer, Japan (Civil Engineering -Urban & Regional Planning)

  • Professional Engineer, Japan (Environment -Natural Environment Conservation)  

  • Qualified Park Administrator

  • CIPP (Certified International Park Professional)

  • Member of International Federation of Landscape Architects  

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