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SHOWA KINEN PARK, Tachikawa City, Tokyo

This 180 ha. regional park was established as part of a project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Emperor Showa’s reign and was planned as a site where the character of the native landscape of the Musashino area could be renewed.


The park is divided into four zones, three of which–the forest, the grassland, and the waterside–are based on natural features, with the fourth being the “Village”. The topography consists of wide mounding that serves to break the winter wind and to create spaces in the otherwise flat side.


Along with extensive cycling and walking paths and trails the park hosts a wide variety of recreational and cultural facilities, including a water park, sports zone, Children’s Forest, Japanese Garden, Komorebi Village, bird sanctuary, and the Showa Memorial Musuem and Cultural Center, 

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