This is the first phase of the renovation of this well known but aging sculpture garden set within the natural beauty of the mountains of Hakone. The design team was faced with two primary issues.


First, rather than to create gardens that respond to the specific sculptures in the museum’s collection, the curators chose to select and locate the new display of sculptures only after the landscape design was complete. Secondly, while analyzing the existing conditions the designers found that most of the challenges for a successful renovation lay in resolving the quantity of inharmonious additions that had been imposed upon the garden resulting in a compromise of the experience of sculpture viewing.


Consequently, equipped with the theme of the “De-signed Forest” the team developed a simple plan based on a meandering footpath that maximizes the length of viewing time and distance and creates as many viewpoints as possible for locating sculpture.  Clusters of trees were added to form backdrops and to spatially partition the site into smaller viewing “galleries”.

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As a member and designated manager of the administration consortium, TLA’s Landscape Management group operates Yanagishima Campground in Chigasaki City using their planning background to create a unique guest experience for families and friends at this forested seaside venue.


Aomori Miraiya is a source for locally grown agricultural products that deliver the taste of Aomori nationwide while helping to revitalize the community and the area.  TLA  supports local companies like Aomori Miraiya as well as the revival of the Tohoku region.


Through the careful and crafted integration of Green Infrastructure  planning strategies and design solutions, estudioOCA is an international landscape architecture and urban design studio solidly engaged in helping transform the current direction in Asian development towards more sustainable practices  

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